Goya’s Vision is a songwriting project.

I started playing guitar in bands when I was 14. Maybe not so well, but I loved it.

Picked up a bass when I was 18 and never put it down.

At 19, Jesus rescued and restored me.

My influences range from progressive rock: it took me years to learn Chris Squire’s bass line from Yes’ Roundabout, through R&B, soul, Motown. I wish I could sing like Marvin or Otis. As far as playing R&B bass, well, let’s just say I’m still trying to master the fluidity of the bass line on Rapper’s Delight. James Jamerson? Forget it.

All these influences mix together in songs I write. I play or program most of the instruments. Other musicians are noted in the credits.

Since I ain’t no Otis, I invite friends, family to do the vocals. Vocalists are listed in the credits.

Thanks for listening!

– Jim Wall